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About Siain

Who We Are

Siain is a boutique beauty company specialising in sourcing the best organic skincare and cosmetic brands in the UK. Siain is a natural destination for people seeking synthetic-free alternatives to high street products that contain hidden and potentially harmful chemicals.

We are passionate about delivering only the highest quality organic products that are highly effective and naturally enhance your health, well-being and lifestyle.


Why Organic Skincare

Our skin is our body’s biggest and toughest organ and it can withstand a lot of damage, yet as it is highly absorbent this means whatever is applied to the skin is absorbed directly by the body. However, many synthetic ingredients and additives used in some branded cosmetics cannot always be recognised and processed by the body. Since these long list of synthetic chemicals and ingredients cannot be processed effectively, they build up in the body and after a short while, cause side-effects such as allergies and irritation.

We understand how crucial it is for the skin to be nourished with pure and natural products so that it can stay healthy, attractive and well-protected and that is why we founded Siain, mainly because we are beauty enthusiasts with a passion for luxuriously effective organic skin care.

Over the years through our own personal skincare journeys, we have learnt to take better care of our skin using products with organic ingredients. For every member of the Siain team, it is always an exciting journey to help you discover what works best for your skin to keep it naturally beautiful, healthy and glowing without introducing harsh chemicals.

Siain brings together individuals who are highly passionate and believe in giving your skin the care it needs for long-lasting health and beauty with hand-picked organic products. Our team aims at providing you with products that must have clear benefits whilst naturally nourishing and beautifying the skin.

With this in mind we actively pursue outstanding brands that adhere to Siain’s principles of organic beauty and skincare products that are proven to be effective, feels wonderful on the skin and where possible smell luxuriously amazing!


Love What We Do

The brands that we have here are individually reviewed, tested and finally selected based on our criteria of products created using only the finest naturally sourced ingredients with environmentally friendly production because we believe your skin deserves only the best.

We are dedicated to looking for a small selection of brands with highly effective products that are free from herbicides and pesticides, organically farmed where possible along with a strict process to ensure our supplier’s products contain NO Parabens and NO SLS. We also ensure that these products strictly have NOT been tested on animals.

At Siain, we love working with companies that provide real and effectual organic solutions to skincare issues; their products must be free of harsh preservatives, synthetic colours or artificial perfumes. We go the extra mile to ensure that all the companies listed on our site have products that leave no chemical residues, use formulas that are based on organic ingredients, smell luxurious where possible and show clear results.

Our aim is to provide all our customers with an excellent regimen of natural solutions that are fit for all types of skin. Thanks to the organic ingredients that are used, you can be sure that what you will find here is all-natural and safe for your skin however some natural cosmetics contain ingredients produced from insects and you will find on our product pages a clear key ingredients list to help you make a more informed choice.

Our suppliers are passionate about organic skincare products and just like us they love what they do!

Our Ethos

Above all, we are passionate about all that we do, right from the process of hand-picking the finest organic skincare products to marketing the brands we believe are conscientious about their product creation process from the first selected ingredient to the final product.

Before any organic skincare product lands on our catalogue page, our team of passionate experts rigorously check them based on five main criteria; organic, origin, safety (to the skin and environment), effectiveness and luxuriousness.

We are dedicated to maintaining purity and transparency in the products that we offer. Our team of experts makes sure that all the products that are available here have a clear and honest ingredient listing so that you can make informed decisions that will suit the needs of your skin.

Through our experiences, we have come to understand the unique challenges that you all face when taking care of the skin because we have been there before. That is why we make sure that we help you in selecting the best products for your skin’s health and maintenance; products that are free from additives and chemicals that could result in skin complications.

At Siain, we recommend only the brands that respect the environment and we aim at promoting eco-friendly lifestyles that work to the advantage of our health, and make the world a better and safer place.

We consistently carry out research and testing of beauty and skincare products so that we can provide you with specialised organic products from brands that will bring a luxurious glow to your skin without compromising on your health.