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Back2dRoots – Organic Skincare Is A Family Affair

Back2dRoots – Organic Skincare Is A Family Affair

Getting used to beauty products that contain lots of artificial elements is not only bad for our body but it also negatively affects the environment. What most people never realise is that organic skincare is the only way to go if you want to be assured of top-notch beauty standards. Thanks to the organic beauty products from manufacturers such as Back2dRoots, your pursuit of ultimate beauty will never get in the way of your body’s health or the environments prosperity. Back2dRoots is a family run company, whose main aim in the beauty industry is to provide handmade organic skincare products that are 100% natural.

back2droots organic moisturiser

Without compromising the effectiveness of their products, Back2dRoots still keeps things budget friendly. We all know how it feels when you want to give your skin that well-deserved treat only to find that the product you have been dying for has a prohibitive price tag! In fact, it is a common assumption that going organic in your skincare regimen will cost you a pretty penny; fortunately, thanks to Back2dRoots, organic skincare will never strain your budget again! To guarantee that your skin stays radiant and healthy, all the beauty products manufactured by them are free from the harmful ingredients such as:

  • Synthetic additives and alcohol
  • Chemical preservatives
  • Sulphates and parabens
  • Artificial Fragrances and colors
  • Harsh detergents such as SLES and SLS

Avoiding the use of the harmful additives above ensures that you will never experience any harmful side effects to your skin such as itchiness, inflammation, irritations rashes, breakouts or any other allergic reactions. If you have ever experienced such reactions after using a beauty product, now you know why. Let us take a peek at one of the goodies that this all-natural manufacturer has in store for us!

Natural Organic Deodorant Balm


This is one of the finest organic skincare products manufactured by Back2dRoots is the Natural Organic Deodorant Balm. It is a strong odour eliminator which was created using a combination of natural ingredients that has been proven to neutralize all the bacteria that leads to body odour. Unlike some synthetic deodorants, it does not block the pores of your skin; it allows you to sweat so that your body can release all the toxins naturally.

The active ingredients that are behind this effective deodorant are beeswax, Shea butter and coconut oil which are all used in their unrefined state to get maximum benefit and nourishment out of them. Natural Organic Deodorant Balm also contains bicarbonate soda and arrowroot powder which are known to have antiseptic benefits to the skin. Thanks to the blend of essential oils used to crown this deodorant, you will also be indulged by a cool and refreshing scent upon application.