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iTreatSkin – Discovering The Neem Plant

iTreatSkin – Discovering The Neem Plant

The most effective cures of the skin and body come from what is already available in nature, and that is how the story of iTreatSkin started. The founder had a lovely one-year-old son who was about to be put on a regimen of steroids for years; that was the doctor’s solution to treat the little boy’s persistent eczema which was so severe that it made him have insufficient sleep. To make matters worse, the eczema kept on spreading. It had appeared on her son all of a sudden and in no time, it had spread all over his body and it escalated to consistent scratching and itching all over his cute legs and arms.

Fearing for the health and wellness of her son then and later on in his life, the founder of iTreatSkin was adamant to put him on steroids especially at such a young age. After endless visits to the hospital for allergy tests and special treatments like special sleep suits, nothing worked, at least for the long term. Even when she tried using the steroid based creams on her son, the eczema could ease down for about two weeks and reappear even more aggressively somewhere else on the body. That is when she decided to tackle the problem in a more natural way.

Discovering the Neem Plant and its Benefits

The founder of iTreatSkin had always been a firm believer in the wholeness of the mind-body-spirit complex in human beings and that drove her to find a natural solution for her son. Fortunately for her, she already had a background in working in a laboratory, meaning that she already had the skill and experience needed to find an effective alternative solution. That is when she came across the Neem Plant.

She realized that it had a lot of remarkable uses which have already been proven scientifically. Furthermore, the plant has been in use for more than 2,000 years for medicinal purposes all over south Asia. Some of the benefits of the Neem Plant by part include:

  1. The Leaves: are applied to the skin in form of paste for treatment of a variety of skin diseases. Its leaves are also infused in tea to boost the body’s immunity.
  2. The Seeds: when dried and crushed, they are then soaked to produce oil which is used for medicinal purposes, in organic skincare products and even as a pesticide.
  3. The Bark and Twigs: they are repellant to pests and the twigs are chewed on in order to improve dental hygiene, the bark is also used in a variety of disease treatments when in powder form
  4. The Roots: are powdered for use in the treatment of a variety of diseases.
  5. The Fruit: can be eaten when fresh or cooked for a range of health benefits.
  6. The Flowers: these are used as vegetables in a couple of delicacies

The Neem Cream


Her interest in the Neem plant was focused on the seed oil which is confirmed to be an exceptional, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and an effective dermatological agent. The Neem seed oil has also been known to be effective in treating skin disorders such as acne, burns, rashes, psoriasis and eczema. She decided to develop a cream for her son’s eczema using the amazing benefits of the seed oil from this plant. The idea seemed a little crazy but she wasn’t ready to let anything stop her from coming up with a permanent solution for her son because she didn’t want a lifetime of steroids for him. It took a couple of attempts but eventually, the Neem Cream came to being.

She took a leap of faith and stopped using what the doctors had prescribed for her son since they were full of ingredients such as alcohol and steroids that weren’t good for the well-being of the skin. After continuously applying the Neem Cream on her son in the morning, afternoon and night, she started noticing gradual and subtle change. Six months later, the eczema completely disappeared.

What makes the Neem Cream so special is that contains high levels of Vitamin E, fatty acids, glycerides and antioxidants which all work together to nourish and protect the skin to keep it well-hydrated, soft and healthy. This is how the first of the hand-made natural products of iTreatSkin was produced and from then, their unique organic skincare products have successfully helped a lot of people with similar problems. If you have been struggling with skin related disorders, then you should try the Neem Cream today.