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Organic Citrus Blend wash and lotion and it’s awesome! 

Organic Citrus Blend wash and lotion and it’s awesome! 

“Hiya, jasmiine.xx here.

For the past week I’ve been using the Organic Citrus Blend wash and lotion and it’s awesome!

After coming home from a good work out in the gym I jump into the shower and use these two products; they’re both equally as good as each other when used separately and they complement each other’s effects really well when used together.

The wash let’s off a citrus scent and it fills the bathroom with its aroma that tingles your senses, it smells great! Likewise with the lotion, the fragrance is also citrusy but slightly more subtle, which I use after the citrus wash.

The Evolve Citrus Blend Aromatic Body Lotion gives my skin that soft and smooth finish, with a bit of help from its friend, the Citrus Blend wash. If you’re not so keen on the citrus smell then don’t worry, the smell isn’t everlasting as it slowly fades away and they also stock other washes and lotions with different fragrances but for me personally the effects of these organic products is infinite.

To ensure the tangy scent is present, both products include Juniper, Lime and Lemon. It was quite nice to see products that don’t use unnecessary chemicals or additives; therefore giving your skin that real soft feel to it just from natural organic ingredients without leaving your skin feeling harsh.

These two products are made from natural organically farmed ingredients and the wash is 72% organic. All ingredients used are from organic farming so no processing is being done to remove the good chemicals away and the source of the ingredients is renewable.


I was never afraid of using these products as I know I don’t have any allergies to citrus or any of the ingredients listed however I would advise people to try a sample or just test patch it on their skin a little bit as some organic ingredients may cause you allergies or side affect.